The future of Oregon State Rocketry

We are the Hybrid Rocket team, OSU AIAA's only rocket research and development team, creating the next generation of propulsion systems for Oregon State Rocketry.


What we do.

Hybrid rocket motors are the next step in performance from the solid rocket motors commonly used in competition rockets. To date, we have successfully launched a hybrid rocket to 5,300' AGL. Once we have completed developing the capability to accurately predict motor performance, hybrid propulsion will become our standard for rocket propulsion. 

Learn by doing.

The Hybrid Rocket team consists of a Senior Capstone Team that designs, manufactures, and tests flight operations of the rocket. Each year, the team produces a new rocket building on the technological developments of the previous years team. All levels of experience are welcome to help on any stage of the build! We pride ourselves in being a very inclusive and hands-on project. If a member wants to help, regardless of class year or experience level, we will always have a task for them to work on in the lab. More experienced members will also teach underclassmen new machine and manufacturing skills. It's peer mentoring at its best.

We invite students to join any of our sub-teams:

  • Structures and Integration

  • Aerodynamics and Recovery

  • Oxidizer Feed System

  • Propulsion

  • Avionics

Senior Capstone.png

Ready to fly with us? Join our team.

Hybrid Rocket sponsors will have their business logo placed on the rocket, team apparel and our website.